Creativity and innovation define Isabel Zapardiez’s career and her experience in various design disciplines, although bridal design is her main hallmark.

Isabel's passion for dressmaking is in her DNA. Her very early interest in sewing and pattern designing mark her life, her career development and the way she works. A Basque Country University Graduate in Dressmaking and Pattern Designing, she has got a degree in fashion design and has completed specializations in Madrid and Barcelona.

During a first stage, she developed her professional life in the world of Prêt à Porter, with her own brand and collaborating with other fashion brands on various projects. In 2002 she entered the world of Haute Couture and opened her first studio in San Sebastian, designing wedding dresses and clothing for special occasions. Her approach is to address the "total look" of women in key moments of their lifes, be it a wedding or other events.

Her work is framed within the universe of Couture, due to the delicacy of fabrics, the exclusivity of designs and detail tailoring carried out at her workshop in San Sebastian. Her arguments are elegance and subtlety, but also avant-garde, originality and the courage to set her own path to interpret the essence of every woman in a dress.

Isabel Zapardiez’s inspiration is made of contrasts and fusions, concepts and life experiences, made of the professional experience of all women she has dressed and the references to the aesthetic worlds she is passionate for.

Isabel Zapardiez’s designs are present in important international catwalks, her participation in the Gaudí fashion shows, within the Barcelona Bridal Week, stand out especially. She has also participated in the New York Couture Fashion Week and the London World Bridal Show, among other events.

Sustainable Haute Couture

Craftsmanship, quality, timelessness…our activity is defined by the concern to rethink fashion for a sustainable future. We take environmental and social criteria into account to carry out our work responsibly and committed to our environment, our time and the future generations.

We are slow fashion. Our clothing is made with premium and high durability threads. They are designed to accompany people over time and make intensive and versatile use of them.

We are local craftsmanship. All the manufacturing is made in San Sebastian, through a custom-made elaborate process and a limited number of garments. Working procedures are based on the efficient use of fabrics.

    Dressing The World

    Traceability in all fabrics. We use mostly European and Japanese fabrics compliant with the most demanding environment and fair-wages-ensuring certificates.

    Traditional textile techniques. We respect and integrate classic embroidery, lace, and other procedures, which are combined with innovative techniques and proprietary developments.

      We are a sustainable team. We dress the world. We are Haute Couture!